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Title Category Address Description
Bread Euphoria

206 Main St.

Haydenville, MA

The Best Pizza in the 5 college area is at Bread Euphoria. We have fond memories of Hungry Ghost too, but for dining in and pairing great pizza with an equally great beer, Bread Euphoria remains our go to spot.
Chez Albert

178 N Pleasant St

Amherst, MA 01002

Another mainstay in our rotation that is overdue for a full review. Lately we like eating at the bar so we have access to the lighter bar menu and can just pop in without a reservation. The bartenders there are enthusiastic and inventive, and the food is perfection. Our last visit we had a flawless seared calves liver appetizer, a unique and generous pork loin with stone fruit, and one of the best burgers around. They have a great draft and wine selection, but an oddly sparse top shelf for after dinner drinks.

2 Stadler St

Belchertown, MA 01007

We are both soft serve connoisseurs and in this area there are dozens of places to get it. Most places meet an appropriate baseline, but Chubby's is well above that. They also have one of the most important toppings for soft serve ice cream, Crunch Coat. You can't find if everywhere, but you can count on it being nice and fresh (and generously portioned) here.
Depot 62

515 Depot St

Manchester, VT 05254

Truly great for vegetarians. There are plenty of menu items built from the ground up to be meat-free. We had caramelized leeks that were as tender and delicious as Amish butter, served with house-made pita. For mains we had a black olive, asparagus and feta pitza (pita meets pizza). For dessert we had one of our top 5 tiramisus ever. The best part is that the restaurant is in the middle of an antique store. The food is affordable and generous. The furniture is pretty swank.
Flayvors of Cook Farm

29 South Maple St

Hadley, MA 01035

Some of our favorite ice cream in the area. It's great for exotic flavors you might not have thought of before, things like asparagus (it's really good actually) and lemon cream. You can even walk over to the cows and thank them for providing you with such deliciousness. Another place they shine is in their fruit ice creams: raspberry, peach, black raspberry, and lemon. We're also particularly keen on "Sally's Coffee Grounds" which is Coffee meets Cookies and Cream. Open until 9PM for the summer!
High Horse

24 N Pleasant St

Amherst, MA 01002

Molly and I tried High Horse a few months after it opened 3 years ago. We were living in Northampton at the time. I remember liking it, but then we up and moved to California. With only one meal and a few pints to go on, High Horse faded in memory. Now that we live down the road High Horse has become a favorite.
Mission Cantina

485 West Street

Amherst, MA 01002

This place is the epitome of charm and after our travels in Oaxaca earlier this year it is nice to see our new love for Mezcal will be well satisfied. We eat here at least once a month now and have never been disappointed.
Mt. Tom's Ice Cream

34 Cottage St

Easthampton, MA 01027

Simply put this is our favorite ice cream in the area. That's saying a lot, because there are copious places to get damn good ice cream in these parts. Mt. Tom's Burnt Sugar and Cake Batter alone would be worth the half hour drive for us. There are regular special flavors, usually a half dozen or more, so there's always something new and fun to try. For candy lovers they might also boast the largest variety of sweets in the area too (takes up half the store).
Roadhouse Cafe

176 Federal St

Belchertown, MA 01007

This is hands down the best place for breakfast in Belchertown, and easily in our top 3 for Amherst to boot. The portions are generous. Lots of already huge specials come with a giant chunk of house-made coffee cake. Because why start your day with 2,000 calories when you can have 3,000? Despite working in a kitchen that would be cramped in an RV, the cooks turn out consistent and delicious grub. They also brew local Pierce Bros Coffee, including Fogbuster!
The Alvah Stone

440 Greenfield Rd

Montague, MA 01351

We had fond memories of The Night Kitchen when we left for California a couple years ago, but once we got back in December of 2014 we couldn’t remember the food so much as the absurdly perfect setting. We heard great things about the new tenant, The Alvah Stone, and were not disappointed on our first visit.
The Lady Killigrew Cafe

442 Greenfield Rd

Montague, MA 01351

Another gem at The Book Mill, Killigrew is the casual cousin to The Alvah Stone. The menu is mostly salads and sandwiches, but they're creative and delicious. Molly's favorite is the Warm Brown Rice Salad, which might sound ho-hum, but is actually quite a treat. There's also a good assortment of beer, wine, and teas. Weekends can get busy, but on a nice day there's plenty of outside seating.
The People's Pint

24 Federal St

Greenfield, MA 01301

This is one of our absolute favorites and is long overdue for a full review. For now, suffices to say that their beer is exceptional in an area packed with exceptional beers. The Hope Street Amber and the Pied Piper IPA are our favorites with one of the best (house smoked!) pulled pork sandwiches you can get this far north. The pupusas and burgers are also pretty can't miss. Worth the trek if you're not a Greenfield local.
The White Barn Inn

37 Beach Avenue

Kennebunk Beach ME 04043

For Five Star dining I expected at least a little stuffiness, but it just isn’t what The White Barn Inn is about. It’s definitely luxurious, but it’s like a celebrity interview that leaves you thinking, “you know, that George Clooney is just an everyday guy.”